SplitCam 10.4

Adds effects to the user's web cam feed
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Apply effects in real time to the images that your webcam is broadcasting. Apply masks or replace your head with 3D objects. Supports Skype, AOL, Hangouts, MSN, ICQ and numerous other services.

SplitCam allows you to use your webcam with multiple other programs simultaneously. Thus, it is intended to avoid the error that appears when you try to use a cam already being used by another program. The software can split the video signal into various tools, such as Skype, Windows Live and Yahoo Messenger. Additionally, the product is packed with extra nice features, like filters, backgrounds, avatars, objects, and text.

In addition to webcams, you can use other types of sources, such as recorded videos, image slideshows, and even your desktop. Moreover, you can record video or take snapshots of your favorite frames. What is more, you can connect to an online server and broadcast the signal over the Internet.

Although it is not its main purpose, the tool includes basic surveillance features. In this respect, it can detect motion, which triggers such operations as taking snapshots at given intervals or recording video. Unfortunately, it is not as sophisticated as other tools available.

Unfortunately, particularly when you are using effects, the program can interfere with the normal operation of your computer, as it requires much of your hardware. Not only that, it may also affect audio playback at times.

All in all, SplitCam can help you solve the problem of using the same video signal from various programs at the same time. It also comes with some interesting overlay effects and you can even download more. This product is absolutely free, so it costs you nothing to see if it works for you.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports sharing webcam signal with various programs
  • Allows various types of sources
  • Basic surveillance features
  • Streams video signal over the Internet
  • Nice overlay effects


  • May interfere with your computer’s normal functioning
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